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Total Family Coaching & Parenting is a community based, locally rooted organisation consisting of highly skilled practitioners from different professional backgrounds experienced in working with children, young people, and families in any setting. 

We are a team of highly skilled, multi-lingual family and parenting practitioners, offering an intensive support package to reduce trauma and enhance the wellbeing of families by providing psychosocial support to individuals and groups, through practical and therapeutic approaches. 

We offer an inclusive service for families, to help them take on the big problems in their lives using a whole family model. We provide individual and group parenting and family coaching sessions tailored to fit each family’s needs.

Family coaching model is a strength based approach and focuses on working with families and children to establish their individual and family functioning strengths. We believe that families even when facing difficulties and challenges, have many strengths that need to be recognised and encouraged. We provide tailored and family-centred packages of support to children and families who are already experiencing complex and ongoing problems and universal/inclusive services for all the community. The emphasis is on constructing solutions rather than resolving problems.  The approach is based on the idea of recognising the family’s past trauma and difficult experiences with the aim of helping them focus on identifying what they want to achieve rather than on what brought them here. The approach does not dwell extensively with the past but instead focuses on the present and future.  

Total Family Coaching stands for families' rights to better lives, access to support and equal opportunities. We believe in families and their ability to make positive changes and improve their relationships and quality of life. A core value of our work is respecting the humanity and dignity of all people under any circumstances.


Individual, couple and whole family coaching sessions, by combining evidence based programmes with real life effective relationship skills.





Evidence-based parenting interventions on one-to-one, couple and group settings. 



Workshops, training and seminars for professionals working with hard-to-reach and refugee families.



Grenfell Fire Response



We are working every day over the festive period continuing our support to families that need it most, operating an "open-door" policy in our office at The Harrow Club during normal office hours and provinding 1-2-1 support to all our existing clients. 


We will continue our overnight support to families still residing in hotels from 8pm to 3am, 7 nights a week and in addition to that we will also offer support to these residents all day on Christmass Day, Boxing Day and New years day. 


From 22nd of December to 1st of January we will be working from The Curve (Grenfell Assistance Centre) offering:


FRIDAY 22nd 4-6

ALL ABOUT ME- workshop for children- promts children to think about themselves, family and friends and build self-esteem


MONDAY 25th 12-6

Drop-in Emotional support and support for parents


TUESDAY 26th 12-6

Drop-in Emotional support and support for parents



The Nurturing Programme- building positive relationships- play a game that helps parents and children to listen and think about each other's thoughts and feelings


MONDAY 1st of January 2018 12-6

Drop-in Emotional support and support for parents




Following our initial involvement in providing immediate support services for families affected by the tragic fire and the wider community, we have now established ongoing support operating 7 days a week in different settings for easy access by all.  

We offer group and individual sessions, working towards empowering parents, families, and the community to tackle emotional reactions to the tragic event and create community cohesion essential for adaptation, sustainable progress and moving forward. We run our project activities 7 days a week from a variety of community settings, operating an open-door policy for the whole community who witnessed the tragedy and lost friends and family to it. 

We are currently providing the following support;

Family Coaching offer

1-2-1 and whole family emotional/practical support packages to families affected by the tragic fire at the Grenfell. A family coach allocated to support the family in dealing with the difficulties they face since the tragic fire addressing all the underlying issues and reducing the impact it has on their daily lives.


Parenting workshops, seminars and intervention programs 1-2-1 and group interventions;  

Supporting parents with the aim to enable them to bounce back from the impact the tragedy has had on them and empower them to care for themselves, their children and each other. We use a variety of evidence based models and structured programs to encourage positive recovery and stregthen parents ability to build on their children's resilience, deal with any behavioral and/or emotional difficulties and bring some normality back to their lives follwoing the tragic event. 


Grief recovery method- Lead by a certified grief recovery specialist 

1-2-1 and group intervention programme- (8 sessions)

An action recovery programme promoting self-care for adults following a significant loss. Teaches participants strategies to help them move beyond death, divorce and other losses. 

 Helping children deal with Loss (6 session’s program) 

For parents/carers and proffesionals, with the focus on teaching them how to communicate with the children in their care about losses they have experienced and those they yet might face. 


Overnight support service (7 nights a week 8pm-3am)

Listening service- emotional support offered to residents currently on temporary accommodation in hotels across the Borough.



Kids on The Green @ Crow’s Nest Gallery W10

(Wed/Thur/Fri/Sat from 2-6.30) Group and 1-2-1 support for parents

We continue offering emotional, self-care and parenting support to adults, parallel to activities for children/young people run by Kids on the Green team. Our offer consists of drop in emotional support and evidence based parenting workshops.

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